kec 2011

a good heart is hard to find: committment in the age of disposable love

kec 2011 has come and gone….
This year I had the privilege of leading the senior high program (year 11&12). It was a great challenge for me and I got a lot out of it. We had a really great leadership team that were eager to serve.

First of all, I was really encouraged by the guys I had in the group that I lead. They were really open and willing to share things that they struggled with and things they’d like prayer for. So hopefully, I’ll be able to stay in touch with them and see how they’re all going.

Being a senior high leader this year meant that I had to really critically think about what was said in the talks so that we could have productive discussions. This really taught me how to unpack and apply what I hear in talks.

Something that really hit me from the talks was that the lifestyle resolutions of Christianity are wrapped up in the gospel and are not just about moralising. 

On hearing the gospel message and accepting it, we should resolve to always rejoice in the Lord, a joy that emerges from knowing Jesus and it is this that makes us stand strong. To be known for selflessness and gentleness, and o be anxious about nothing and prayerful about everything. To resolve to think holy thoughts and to learn the secret to contentment no matter the circumstance.

Don then looked at the Christian marriage and how it was engineered to best work as a reflection of Christs relationship with th church.

On the final day I asked the guys in my groups to share something that they learned and really wanted to work at so that I could pray for them. Here are some of the things they said:

  • To believe the claim and have the confidence to speak about it.
  • To take up my cross daily and live the Christian life every day.
  • To pray instead of being anxious and to remember the enormity of Christs sacrifice for me.
  • To rely fully on God
  • To react to Christs sacrifice for me with self-sacrifice for him
  • To remember that God always knows and is in control and to trust in him.
  • To rejoice in the Lord always because no matter what he is working for my good.
  • To learn to link contentment with the trustworthy God of the Bible and not with the circumstance and to grow as I study the Bible.

So those are some things that I have really been encouraged by in the past few days. And I am really grateful that I could have a glimpse of these guys lives and to help them think about what they really believe and how they can live life to glorify God.