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This is just a page where you can ask me questions about my opinion on things or anything really. Your welcome to ask and I’ll give the best answer I can, honestly of course.

20 thoughts on “Itching Questions

  1. In an earlier post you said that if you don’t believe in God then you will go to hell. I know its not that black and white as i also believe this to be true. But is what do you have to say about The Westboro baptist church’s take on things? Are they right but going about life in a way that is opposite to the bible or do we as Christians need to take a strong stand like them?

    • Ok, well, first of all, wow, totally didn’t even know they existed.
      For those reading this that don’t know about them, they’re wikipedia page will enlighten you.
      From the little that I’ve read they seem to have a strong hatred for homosexuals and their following is really small.
      Firstly, all sins are the same, no sin is worse than the other so if they say they hate honosexuals then would they not also hate themselves for lying or for slandering etc Their own practises undermine themselves.
      Also when I said a belief in God before I wish I had been more clear. Having a belief in something doesn’t just mean agreeing with it, it also entails action. Belief in God is an active belief. It’s extremely unfortunate that there are churches such as that that paint an ugly picture of Christianity as a prejudice, proud and slanderous group of people.
      As Christians we should strive to convince people otherwise, that Christianity isn’t about hating those that struggle with certain sins, it is about helping those people find God. If you look at the ‘About’ page on this blog you’ll see a verse that I can’t quote off the top of my head but it’s along the lines of sharing the gospel gently and respectfully.
      I hope that answers your question. I can find biblical support for that if you would like, I’m just a little bit busy studying for uni stuff so please excuse the incoherence of my response.

  2. I completely agree. I also think the internet has alot to do with the changes in society…if not the most. Example guys in high school have access to pornography and as such they’re brainwashed into thinking sex is just something people do for fun…not love. Sadly its becoming the norm to do it before marriage…which gives us more reason to wait. Being different in a fu**ed up society makes ya stand out. Im lookin forward to reading your upcoming post. And out of curiousity, do you write these posts by yourself with no help?

    • Well, the series called Distinctives is based on a book a read recently. I do refer to it and where some of the quotes come from.
      Alot of my answers on dating and such come from a great book called “Boundaries in Dating” which is really helpful. I like using that one because it lays things out really plainly and is helpful when talking to non-christians who might find it harder to understand my reasoning.
      Apart from that most of it is just me. 🙂

  3. Sorry for the late reply.. Hmmm that still confuses me.. I thought he was the Son of God.. how can he be that and God??
    Also i feel bad for asking this.. Could you go over the whole Holy Trinity part?? like somehow simplify it or something?? It confuses me a great deal.
    Lastly.. How does one go about becoming a Christian??

    • The Holy Trinity can be hard to understand but I’ll use an example to help u understand. So for example, water. Water can exist in three states: liquid, ice (solid) and gas (water vapour or steam.) These three states liquid, ice and steam are all still water but just in different ways. The trinity can be explained in the same way as God the father, his son Jesus and the Holy spirit are all one: God. But in different “ways”. That’s how I was taught. Another example is the sun. The sun gives off heat, light and radiation (uv, micorwaves etc) but is one entity.
      Ok I have a question for the itching questions blog. Whats your opinion on sex before marriage? These days its becoming the norm with dating and less and less are willing to wait till marriage. Teenagers these days are highly sexually active for example. A friend of mine was discussing this with me..she stated that shes not gonna marry a guy then find out hes bad in bed lol what do you think?

      • I do have a post entitled: “Purity in a World Obssessed with Sex” coming up soonish :s
        However, I will release some spoilers, haha.

        Your question is exactly the kind of thing I was hoping to address with it.

        Why do Christians say sex is only for marriage? I’ll give you the short answer.

        “For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united with his wife, and they will become one flesh” Gen 2:24
        Sex is like a glue that sticks two people together, it strengthens love and committment. Why would you glue yourself to someone that your not going to stay with? It’s a part of yourself that should only be for your spouse.
        The world has turned sex into a selfish means for satisfaction. If you look at the way it is portrayed in films, by friends, in music, on bilboards, everywhere. It is completely detached from the idea of children despite it is the means for creating children.
        The world wants instant satisfaction without all the committment.
        I know this is a really unsupported answer but if you wait for the post that’s coming up, it’ll answer it better 🙂

  4. I have another question.
    I was talking to leah tonight.. and we were on the subject of religion and such.. and she said “Christianity = Relationship with Jesus”. But i was under the impression that a religion is the relationship with god.. Whats your opinion on this???

    • My opinion is that Jesus is God so both are true. If she says that it’s Jesus not God, then there’s a problem there because she’s suggesting that Jesus isn’t divine and therefore does not fulfill the requirements of the atoning Saviour and in essence that undermines Christian belief. I don’t mean that to cut down her answer.
      For this reason I love the book of Hebrews. I don’t know if you’ll find this relevant but I’m going to say it anyway. Before Jesus died on the cross the people could not be in relationship with God. So read the OT (Old Testament) and check out what it was like then. They had to make sacrifices to account for their sin, constantly, and they had all these rules to follow. The rules were there to make the people aware of their rebellion against God and their need for Him.
      So when Jesus came there is this great symbolic verse in Matthew near the end I think which says ‘the temple curtain ripped in two” something along those lines. Sorry, I’m going off the top of my head. I love this verse because it sumbolises the barrier broken tht allows us to have relationship with God.
      So before Jesus came, in the temple there was this room called the Most Holy Place in which only priests and people elected by God could go. God dwelt in that room. When Jesus died he dealt with our sins that prevented us from being with God so the curtain ripped. Being in the presence of God was then made available to everyone, anyone who is willing to have Jesus wipe their slate clean.
      Sorry for the rant. Haha.

  5. Mmmmm I’ll take sometime, to check out those Bible passages you’ve listed and get back to you with more question as I undoubtedly will have, so consider this a little break from being teacher to Jazz 😛

    Hahah thanks Heaps Shoop.. you have no idea how greatly I appreciate this. ❤

    • If you need any help understanding them just ask, sometimes verses need background knowledge or oter parts of the Bible to give them context. 🙂
      Thanks for asking questions. Sorry about not getting back to you about the other ones. I’ve got pretty busy yesturday and today.

  6. Hey my old post is back?? How’d that happen??

    Anyways, okay this is one thing thats bugging me alot, “Christianity is very unique from other religions in that it is not about rules or guidelines or laws that must be fulfilled in order to get into heaven it is actually the opposite.”
    So your practically saying, the most evilest person can go to heaven as long as they believe in Christ?? I mean i kinda look favourably on the guidelines that need to be fulfilled. I mean isn’t it kinda iunno gay that you who have done nothing but good go to heaven and someone whose done nothing but evil go just cause they believe in Christ… and as much as having all ur sins punishment taken by Jesus sounds tempting wouldn’t it be better if u faced judgment for ur actions?? (Im going to wait for what you say in that before i ask more)

    Okay now the other thing that confuses me a hell of a lot.. is whats the Holy Trinity thingo?? (BTW my laptop died just as i finished typing that and i restarted at it was still typed how amazing is that??)

    Okay since u offered, can you go through the difference between Judaism, Islam and Christianity cause they are the most closely linked and my religious theory is based on…

    and whats the difference between the new testament and the old testament??

    If you were in a family that came from a country of one religion, and where there have been violent happenings when someone claimed to not be of that religion, but ur not in that country anymore and ur exploring other religions and you chose one you wanted to experience first hand but ur scared what would happen if u did so and you didnt want to come out with it because of what the family reaction would be.. what would you do??

    I think i should stop before i go into something i wish not to discuss.. anyways thanks again.. I shall text you now to let you know that i have posted.. I hope it doesnt wake you up.

    • Ok, I’m going to attempt these in a random order. Sorry if it’s confusing, it works for me.

      The difference between the old and New Testament is Jesus. The Old Testament is before Jesus came, so the Jewish laws, the wisdom books, prophecies, stories stuff like that. The New Testament begins with accounts of Jesus life by his disciples and then are letters to churches and finally Revelation. Often people read Revelation wrong, it uses images that are symbolic to describe judgement day and the coming of Jesus.

      The Holy Trinity, what a massive question! This is going to be a long post! Christians believe that the One God is at the same time three persons, this can come only through the revelation of Scripture(Gods word in the Bible). The One God is not a simple unity but a complex unity of Father, Son and Spirit. We could never conceive of such a thing, except by God revealing it to us in his word.
      ‘Both the NT(New Testament) and OT (Old Testament) are adamant that God is one. In Isaiah 45 God declares that he is the one Lord of all the earth-there is no other God but him. The worship of other beings and creatures is therefore condemned in the Scriptures. God will not share his glory with images or idols, whether of himself or anything else. Israel, to whom he had revealed himself, was to worship no-one and nothing else, for God is a jealous God who will not share his glory with another. A Christian is one who turns from idols to serve the true and living God.’ Check out 1 Thess 1:9-10. Sorry should mention that I’m using ‘The Blueprint’- Matthias media. A book that covers the basic doctrine that makes someone Christian. I’m using it because te Holy Trinity is really hard to explain an having grown up with the concept it’s almost like a word you can’t define but inherently know the meaning.
      Anyways, back to it. ‘There may be angels and principalities and powers, but all of them have been created and are under the sovereign control of the one true God. ‘
      I’ll take you through a few passages if that helps.
      1. The OT
      • There are references to the Trinity in the OT that contain ideas that are understoon because of te development of the NT.
      • for example: Genesis 1:26 “Let us make man in our image.”- if not for the NT this would be interpreted as a royal plural. In the NT it is made clear that all things were made by and for the Son- the Father and the Son were both involved together in creation. (John 1:3; Colossians 1:15-16). The Genesis verse reveals a God who is Father, Son and Holy Spirit; a God who makes man in his own complex image. (Genesis 3:22, 11:7; Isaiah 6:8)
      • there are also complex passages where, the Spirit of God, or the angel of the Lord, or the word of God, or the wisdom of God, seem to be acting separate from God and yet being God at the same time. (Gen 1:2; Nehemiah 9:20; Psalm 139:7; Isaiah 63:10-14; proverbs 8:22; Psalm 33:6; Gen 18; Exo 3:2-6; Judges 13[especially v 22])

      2. The OT
      • with the coming of Jesus we have a Man with whom God shares his glory. ‘ When Herod accepted the worship of the people and failed to give praise to God, he was struck down, and eaten by worms. (Acts 12:20-24) But when Thomas said to Jesus, “My Lord and my God!”, Jesus commended him for his belief. (John 20:28-29) When an angel appeared to John and he fell at his feet to worship him, the angel said, “You must not do that! I am a fellow servant with you and your brothers who hold to the testimony of Jesus. Worship God.” (Rev 19:10) But when Jesus confronted John, John fell at his feet as though dead and heard the words of Jesus: ” Fear not, I am the first and the last and the living one.” (Rev 1:17-18; Rev 21:6, 22:13)
      • Here’s another huge list of references if you’d like to see what it says in the Bible: Mark 2:1-12; Acts 7:59; Revelation 5:12; Colossians 2:9, 1:15-19)
      • ” The Biblical understanding is that God is one and unique, and at the same time three persons- the Father, Son and Holy Spirit- living and interrelating in undivided unity. Their complex unity is seen not only in their persons, and the titles they are given, but in the work they do. All three persons of the Godhead are involved in creation and redemption. The Father sends the Son and the Son seeks to do the will of the Father, and both the Father and the Son give the Spirit to us. The Father wasn’t crucified- the Son was. There is a distiction between the persons of the triune God, but never a division, for The Father is in the Son, as the Son is in the Spirit. ”
      There is more on that if you still don’t understand, just ask 🙂
      I’ve only answered two but I’ll post an attempt for the others later today 🙂

    • Differences between Judaism, Islam and Christianity. I have some simple summary points that outline the basic differences each under the relevant heading.

      Judaism(J), Islam (I) and Christianity(C)

      C: One God is revealed in the Scripture as Father, Son and Holy Spirit-the Trinity. Within the one “essence” of the Godhead there are three persons who are co-equally and co-eternally God. (Matt 3:13-17; 28:19; 2 Corinthians 13:14).
      J: “Hear, O Israel, the Lord our God, the Lord is One”- The Shema.
      I: There is no God but Allah- the God.

      • Sin
      C: Man fell in Adam and is born in sin (Romans 5:12; Psalm 51:5). All men are condemned before God for their sin: proud, independant rebellion against God in active or passive form (Romans 1:18-23; 3:10,23).
      J: Man is not born in original sin nor is he born good. Man is born free, with the capacity to choose between evil and good. Each man is accountable for himself.
      I: Sin is failure to do Allah’s will, failure to do ones religious duties as outlined in the “Five Pillars of Faith”.

      • Salvation
      C: Man is justified before God and obtains salvation through the atoning death of Christ on the cross. Salvation is a gift of God through faith. (Romans 3:24; 1 Cor 15:3; Eph 2:8,9)
      J: Anyone, Jew or not Jew, may gain salvation through committment to the one God and moral living. Judaism looks to an afterlife, however, it does not stress preparing man for the next world as much as guiding his ethical and moral behaviour in this present life.
      I: Man earns his own salvation, pays for his own sins.

      • Jesus Christ
      C: Christ is the only begotten Son of God, the Messiah predicted in Isaiah 53. He is God as well as man. He was sinless and died to redeem all men from sin. ( Mark 10:45; John 1:13,14; 8:46; 10:30; Hebrews 4:15; 1 Pet 2:24)
      J: While some Jews may accept Jesus as a good teacher of ethics, they do not accept Him as Messiah because (1) Jesus did not bring everlasting peace; (2) Jesus was declared to be divine and te Jewish idea of Messiah is a man sent from God to deliver Israel from oppression, not to save individuals from personal sin.
      I: Jesus Christ was only a man, a prophet equal to Adam, Noah, Abraham and Moses, all of whom are below Muhummed in importance. Christ did not die for mans sins; in fact Judas, not Jesus, died on the cross.

  7. You’re wuite welcome to question my answer 🙂
    I can see where you’re coming from. This mght come as a sort of disorganised rant but hopefully it’ll make sense.
    Ok, so here’s an excerpt from ‘Boundaries in Dating’ – Dr. Henry Cloud and Dr. John Townsend ( A Christian book):

    “Your relationship with God is the deepest, most profound, and most important part o your soul. If relationship is about connecting all of ourselves to another, then the spiritual aspect is inconceivably significant. SO we all yearn for a person that we can be one with, all the way down to the core self, where God resides also. In fact, God designed out need to connect. Jesus prayed that we would be one in the same way that he and the Father are one (John 17:11). Ultimately, that is the final purpose of the dating quest. Through many experiences, conversaions, and questions, we settle in on a person who loves God as we do, one who can help us grow even closer to him.
    The issue is not how to fit our spiritual life into our dating life; rather, it is how to fit our dating life into our spiritual life.”
    This might seem drawn out but in this particular chapter of this book it addresses what I think you’re asking, please bare with me as I give you a few quotes:

    “Your values are the architecture of who you are. They are comprised of what you believe is most important in life, and how you conduct your life in accordance with these beliefs. Values are sometimes woth living and dying for, and are certainly worth dating and breaking up over. That is why opening up about your valuesis so critical. Your values will cover man aspects of life: theology, life callling, relationships, career, finances, family, sex and social issues. Remember not to get committed to someone who is incompatible in major areas, trusting that they will see the light and change.”
    – As a Christian my values are forges out of what the Bible teaches.

    “There is certainly nothing wrong with wanting to put your best foot forward in a relationship by bringing your better self into the connection first. Knowing good things helps ustolerate bad things later, as grace must procede truth. Also, prematurely opening up about your struggle can be a problem, if you don’t know how safe the other person is. But ultimately, if you don’t know your date’s spiritual struggles, you can’t honestly say you knw your date.”
    – This quote is saying that part of the dating process, for a Christian, involves knowing your dates spiritual struggles so that you can help each other in your faith as you grow stronger in relationship. This is also inportant to know incase you struggle with those things as well, then maybe its not best to be with that person.

    “People who are trying to pull off a successful dating relationship need to know tha the other person is spiritually autonomous. That is, he or she, have their own walk with God that they pursue on a regular basis, regardless of their circumstances.
    There are certainly exceptio ns to this. Sometimes epeople take root during dating and flourish spiritually. Or sometimes the “spiritual” person gradually loses interest in her own faith. We can’t predict what God will do in someone’s heart. But we can say that dating someone who has not owned her own spiritual walk is a big red flag.
    The reality is, often the “spiritual” person is guilty of making up what she wants, and projecting an authentic desire for God into the other person that may not really exist. It is difficult to be in a marriage in which you find out that the spiritual direction of things is entirely dependant on you, instead of having a soul mate to pull along with you.
    Even more importantly, you need a person who is spirituallu autonomous when you yourself fall. You will need someone who is depending on God and living his lifein God’s path fo those times when you are weak, failing, and doubting. Nothing is worse than to be in dark spiritual waters with a person who is himself also drowning. “Pity the man who falls and has no one to help him up!” (Ecclesiastes 4:10)
    “You want that person to knw about and share your relationship with God, because that is te most important part of who you are, and hopefully, of who he is.”

    I’m using these quotes to give you an idea of how Christians date. There are so many other bits I would quote but there are too many.
    A Christian is looking for a partner that can support their own spiritual life because they also lead their own spiritual life. Living as a Christian is extremely hard, it grinds against the grain in almost every area of life and so having someone who are are both spiritually and emotionally intimate with allows you someone you can rely on both spiritually and emotionally.

    I havn’t had a chance to read this over, feel free to question my answer. There might be something else in this book that can help you out.

    • Hmmm, I guess an ideal partner would be someone who could support you emotionally, physically, socially and spiritually.. i see what your getting at.. iunno i don’t like that, i mean the world is a big place and some places don’t really give you a choice in what religion you choose.. and living as whichever religion is extremely hard, to have faith in something which you cant see.. i can’t say much about what you’ve said and quoted, because what it say is true.. I can’t see any fault with it. It’s just that for a person like me it’s hard.. I have no religion per say, I can’t really say I’m a Muslim anymore, but its not cause I find fault with the religion. I agree with a lot of it’s philosophy. But then, there’s Christianity, which you and numerous other friends I have, have faith in. This also brings in a problem with the whole dating factor which is why i asked you the question. No matter how much i may like a girl, if they are christian I barely get a chance because I’m not one. I mean is that really fair. It’s not as if I’m against Christianity. Honestly speaking I’m willing to give Christianity a try.. but for me it’s more of an experiment, to see what a Christian life is like.. So my question here is (moving on from dating) Is it possible for a person to become a Christian with that kind of outlook?? I don’t think I could fully understand what Christianity is about by just reading. There is also a theory I’ve recently been thinking upon (tell you later).

      I prefer understanding of religion than blind faith so I hope this is not an unfair question or over crossing a line.. Why did you become a Christian?? Was it just cause of your up bringing?? Because your parents were Christians and it’s the only religion you’ve been properly brought into?? Have you thought about other religions?? Say Islam or Judaism??
      (I think that’s enough for now)
      Once again i greatly appreciate your answering of my questions.. (I’m curious?? How come there are no other questions by other people??)

    • Jazz: why did you become a christian? Was it just because of your upbringing?have you tried other religions?
      It’s unfair on non-Christian guys. This is the right way to go about it?

      I won’t deny the influence my family has had on me. My parents did bring me up teaching me how to live according to the Bible. However, I don’t believe they forced me to believe the basic doctrines which make a person Christian as such. So someone can be brought up Christian without actually being a Christian. I would say this of my youngest brother. If I look my mothers family, her father was a minister and two out of four of her siblings are Christian, one brother is Athiest and the other is still exploring.

      I think myself lucky to have such a great family environment that support me in my beliefs and often some of my Christian friends who are not blessed in this way find joy in seeing and being part of our family. I’m not sayin they’re perfect but some Christian people are persecuted by their own family and find peace in a Christian family.

      I believe that if anyone is to place their life into a religion that it should be worth the while. I have investigated other religions and Christianity stands out to me as the one that is most truthful.

      Christianity is very unique from other religions in that it is not about rules or guidelines or laws that must be fulfilled in order to get into heaven it is actually the opposite. The concept of Gods grace is unique to Christianity. Grace is the undeserving gift of eternal life to people who only deserve punishment.
      Christians believe that there is nothing they can do to get into heaven but God has already done it all through Christ. “The wages of sin is death” Romans 6:23. In other words, in order to get into heaven you must be perfect, which no-one is except Jesus. So Jesus took upon himself our punishment to give us a path to heaven. No matter how many times we pray or give to the needy we won’t be saved unless we accept Gods offer of eternal life.

      So when I looked at other religions I found that there was a set of guidelines to acheive in order to enter.
      Catholicism sees the sacraments as a means to acheive salvation and they also give the Pope an infallible status which I believe belongs only to God and his word the Bible because regardless of what man says they are always affected by sin, no man is perfect.
      “For it is by grace you have been saved through faith. Not by works so that no one should boast. ” Ephesians 2:8

      Judaism concentrates on guiding mans ethical and moral behaviour in this present life. Jews are like post-Jesus Christians is that makes sense. Before Jesus came God had given his people laws in order to make them aware of their sin. They had to constantly make sacrifices in order to be ‘right with God’ because Jesus hadn’t come yet. Throughout the old testament, God speaks through prophets and promises his people a Saviour that will be the last sacrifice to end all sacrifices. Bit the Jews were and still are expecting a military ruler, a man of political ppwer to make their nation great. So when Jesus came, a humble carpenter and teacher they rejected him because he was not what they expected. So Jews stick to the old laws which o believe have been made obsolete by Jesus. You can read one of these prophecies in Isaiah 43 if you would like. The book of Hebrews also adresses this change from the Jewish law to new testament faith and grace.

      Islam is similar in a sense that they see Jesus as only a man and they believe that man earns his own salvation, pays for his own sins. The problem is see is Islam is that they are not allowed to explore other religions, this is the same with Catholicism. Christianity encourages it’s followers to explore other religions and to question the teachings.

      Hindu followers believe that they are justified through devotion, meditation, good works and self-control. Buddhism also believes that man is saved by self effort only.

      Acts 4:12 “And there is salvation in no one else, for there is no other name given under heaven among men by which we may be saved. ”
      Titus 3:5 ” he saved us, not by works done by us in righteousness but by his mercy.”

      Another thing that draws me to Christianity is it’s historical soundness. There is more historical support for the Bible than there is for Julius Ceaser. If you’re interested in this point I do know a few books that explore the historicity of the Bible. But what I find astounding about the Bible is that it is written over a time period of thousands of years, many of the authors didn’t know each other or hadn’t seen each others work. The bible contains many different forms of writing: poetry, letter, prophecy, revelation, gospel, narrative, story, laws, wisdom etc etc and there are jo contradictions between them. Each book supports the others. If you look at the cross-references (parts of the Bible that directly support others) they even enhance the level of understanding of a passage.

      So I guess these are the main reasons I am a Christian. If there were any particular religions that you wanted to know the differences with Christianity for I recently did some research on a few that I’m happy to share if you’d like.

      I think you asked whether there is a right way to become a Christian or you think you’re not coming at it from
      the right angle, something like that. It’s funny that you say that because I was just thinking about that the other day. I heard a professor speak, his name is John Lennox, he became a Christian as he was trying to disprove it. You can watch him debate the great Athiest leader of today, Dawkins, on YouTube if you’re interested in that.

      Even within the Bible, many books in the New Testament are written by Paul, a guy who became a Christian through a revelation as he was travelling from town to town killing them off. He started many of the first churches. I don’t think there is a wrong way to become a Christian unless you are coming with a closed heart but even then God can change the hardest of hearts.

  8. That’s actually a really good question. Keeping with the idea of my blog I have actually struggled with this one myself. As a Christian I have had to turn down the sweetest boys but before you judge me, let me explain myself.
    My decision on this is based upon the basic beliefs of Christianity. I believe that the only way to eternal life in heaven is through Jesus, therefore if you don’t have this belief then (as awful as this sounds) you go to hell, which is described in the Bible as eternal seperation from God.
    Now as a Christian, I know that this life is temporary and only short in comparison to eternity in heaven.
    Keeping that in mind, I hate the thought that people I love will have to endure eternity without God.
    For me, the purpose of dating is to check out whether a person is the right one to be spending the rest of your life with. For a Christian this can mean the rest of eternity. So dating a non-christian brings the possibility of falling in love with someone who you know will have to endure an eternity of suffering.
    People say that they don’t mind going to hell if the people they love are there. But the Biblical hell isn’t like that, there is no relationship. You won’t be meeting up with people and spending eternity in another place. Hell is devoid of all things good.
    I do admit that people can become Christian after marriage but I have seen the utter agony of lovely Christian men and women whose spouse has died without giving their life over to Christ.
    Aside from the eternal complications, there is the difficulty in the conflict of beliefs. I have two very close friends in partlicular who have one parent Christian and one Non-christian. The Non-Christian parent is often attempting to point out all the things the other does wrong, to the point of bitterness. And it is so unbelievably hard for them to love their parent if they are constantly aware of them tearing down the other.
    I hope that makes sense.
    Good question!

    • Ahh okay well yeah i guess it makes sense..
      Hmmm well i always believed in well being able to come to an understanding.. the parents you described doesn’t seem to have arrived at one.. because in my opinion if you do then you can get past the whole religious difference.. its the same as overcoming cultural differences isn’t it?? they both require understanding.
      And for the whole loving someone that you know will endure eternal suffering, i don’t get why that should matter?? i mean if you love the person and if you spend time with them, isn’t it more likely that you can save them?? yea sure i can understand that it could lead to quarreling but then as i said before if u reach an understanding of where u stand then you can make it more a discussion.. even if you don’t manage to help them out, at least you tried..
      (I’m sorry about the whole questioning your answer)

  9. Well, just coz you posted this and i want to ask a question and this is the first question i could think of… Whats your opinion on the whole dating between a christian and a non-christian??

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