The Furious Love of Jesus

John 11:32-44

Christ has found his friend Lazarus dead and whose sisters, Mary and Martha say to him the same thing: “Lord, if you had been here, my brother would not have died.” v21 and 32. But what this sermon focussed on was the contrast between Jesus’ response to them despite their same questions. And this demonstrates that he is both man and God.

To Martha, he gives confident answers because he knows there is a solution and hope, because he is God. To Mary, he enters into her tears and weeps, because he is a man.

Tim Keller Pointed out that this passage also demonstrates a conservative and liberal approach to life. Conservatives loving answers but not tears, they’re fixers. Liberals loving tears but not confronting people with truth. But neither of these are Jesus, he is both.

He also pointed out that in v33 and 38, the greek for deeply moved refers to a more ‘snorting and bellowing in rage’ and reflects that of a champion approaching his enemy (as Jesus approaches the tomb). He doesn’t just weep for Lazarus, but he weeps for all mankind that have to experience death and stand at coffins.

So not only does it demonstrate how we are to approach life, not just with answers or with emotions but with both, but it also shows what Jesus came to do. He came to defeat our enemy for us because we were helpless to do it on our own.